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Posted by RiskManPro
1 days ago - Growth: 971.82% - Drawdown: 45.61%

A quick update.
I have many small Short EURUSD positions open. If you join today you will get all of them at a better price. This is good for you because as I scale out, you will make far more profit!

How will I get out of this drawdown?
I will offset the losses with NEW Winners but Very Slowly,.
Algo's can scalp MANY positions after Momentum dies down.

Ask questions here -

Posted by trendlandturbo
1 days ago - Growth: 17.81% - Drawdown: 50.39%

Only one trade in my accounts this week, a sell USDCHF on my H1 strategy is currently 10 pips in the red...I will test out live a new M5 scalping strategy based on my EA nest week. Will have SL from 30 to 45 and I will trade 0.01 only until I see how the strategy works. Hope it will contribute to both profitability and number of trades.

Posted by Machine Learning on SR
1 days ago - Growth: 80.29% - Drawdown: 37.91%

Stable and Risk free trading.
Our performance:

Ron: There are no risk free trading on wallstreet!!!!
Posted 24 hours ago - Like (1)

Andrew: no trading is risk free as we can see from your losing month.
Posted 10 hours ago - Like (0)

News Article Posted by WiseTrader
1 days ago - Growth: 62.55% - Drawdown: 12.93%

Hello gentlemens

I really apologize last week trading , I promise to make it up to you guys in days ahead by the grace of God. Its a rough start in the month of August but it can only get better and better. Thanks for your understanding

Posted by Blackwave Pacific
2 days ago - Growth: 348.57% - Drawdown: 38.71%

VIDEO: This morning's Live Streaming Video. Spoke about grid trading, EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, NZDJPY.

Click HERE

Posted by Daikokuten
2 days ago - Growth: 337.65% - Drawdown: 71.98%

Dear Subscribers

We close all orders last night. Hope you all enjoy the profit.
Thank you for your support.


Fivepips: thanks for the cash! :)
Posted 2 days ago - Like (2)

Posted by RDC Capital Management
2 days ago - Growth: 32.49% - Drawdown: 5.49%

Max drawdown 5.49%

Trial period available.

Low risk consistent returns for all.

Posted by Blackwave California no limit
2 days ago - Growth: 22.85% - Drawdown: 2.22%

VIDEO: This mornings live stream in the Trading Room. Click HERE.

SergeyNsk: Hello!
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

SergeyNsk: What is the differenace between California and California no limit?
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

Gary: SergeyNSK, Blackwave California has a max slave account balance of $20K. Blackwave California no limit does not.
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

Posted by DisciplinedFX
2 days ago - Growth: 201.12% - Drawdown: 6.76%

Now coming around for 13 months without one losing month in sight. With also a low risk approach. Thank you for your support this far and we look forward to many more profitable months to come while keeping your accounts safe.

- DisciplinedFX

Posted by JoeLewis FxImpulse
2 days ago - Growth: 150.51% - Drawdown: 13.08%

Hello, I'm leaving the 0.20 for now, and if you sized it correctly it should represent 5-10% drawdown, nothing to get worried about. Correlations are currently out, so as soon as there is something sensible we trade and correct the current one. market is waiting for something to move it. Regards

Raj: Slow & Steady, does it...
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

Andrew: Thank you Raj, comment is appreciated. For a limited time we have free trial period and $40 monthly subscription only.
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

Leena: Well done on those 4 trades now, just the last one. Thanks for the updates too. Keep up the good work
Posted 2 days ago - Like (0)

Posted by buggytrader
2 days ago - Growth: 36.05% - Drawdown: 31.29%

and the month is not over. My current DD is lower than my cumulative benefits since first of July. So, everything is OK.

News Article Posted by Daikokuten
3 days ago - Growth: 337.65% - Drawdown: 71.98%

Credit Out on our system withdraw count as LOSS!!!

This what the respone, and I think I got to let all my clients know too!!!


Posted on: 05 August 2016 08:06 PM

This is not right.... please recheck your new calculation that just
Our profile didn't have lost month, and why your new update show a big 21%
lost in June on my profile?
I was complained about drawdown before and the answer was the method of
calculation is different from myfxbook so it make our drawdown very large,
and it very hard to sell with that drawdown number, and now you change the
calculation again on the growth, this time is really unacceptable, our
profile record didn't have lost month at all and new calculation made it
look really bad.... how do I suppose to make a sell with that kind of
record? We try very hard to keep it about the line... please fix it asap.>

Posted on: 05 August 2016 08:31 PM

Last month our system finish as your 2nd Big Gainers (if you still have
record, I didn't capture it)
How can the record change to lost month of 21%?
and even for this month of August first week; we try to keep it up and lead
the on your Big Gainers rank.
As you can see, we work very hard to keep good record above the line so we
can get more subscribers.
Please fix your calculation asap.

Thank you,



Arturo Ferracuti



Posted on: 05 August 2016 08:57 PM

Hi KJ,

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded it to our system analyst for review. We will get back to you shortly.

Let us know if you have any questions meanwhile.


Arturo Ferracuti
Client Services (NY/Tokyo Session) - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 08 August 2016 03:53 AM

This is what we posted on Dashboard.

Dear Subscribers,

We keep our system gain profit for our subscribers, but we are not sure what simpletrader did to new calculation method on growth profile showing negative result of last month gain, our system didn't have any lost month yet (you can check it on myfxbook link), but new update calculation made our 2nd Top Gainers in July has -21% on the growth profile. this will effect our reputation and surely make our system unreliable and unattractive for new subscribers even though we try very hard to be above the line.
Just hope that they will fix this inaccurately calculation soon.

Have a great week end everyone.


and if there's no fixing, there is no point to provide the service since the record is show that the system is not reliable to follow.


Posted on: 08 August 2016 04:37 AM

Hi Kamol,

Our analyst is reviewing your system. Please wait for their respond.

Sorry for causing any inconvenience.


Client Services - Tokyo Session


Posted on: 08 August 2016 06:27 PM

Hi Kamol,

Our developers have spent some time looking at your stats and it seems they don't match with myfxbook. The dates of the withdrawals/deposits are completely different and also the trades from the beginning. Your signal stats at Simpletrader are correct based on the information we have gathered. As a test, we would like you to re-upload the account under a second signal while making sure you are showing all the MT4 Account History before attaching the second Sender EA. This is just to compare the stats.

It would also be helpful if you share with us the Investor Password from your account to compare the results.


Arturo Ferracuti
Client Services (NY/Tokyo Session) - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 08 August 2016 06:46 PM

Investor password : xxxxxxxxx

I'm not sure what do you mean by re-upload the account under a second signal.
can you just check it from my record by login by investor password?




Posted on: 09 August 2016 10:56 AM

Hi Kamol,

Thank you for providing investor password. I have created test signal on your master mt4 in order to build stats from scratch. In case if new signal stats will be built correctly we will rebuild stats of your current signal. We will contact you later.


Alex Nikifarau
Client Services (London Session) - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 09 August 2016 06:29 PM

The longer it take to fix our system profile, the more clients are seeing this inaccurate result.
Time is precious, hope to hear a good news from your team soon.



Posted on: 09 August 2016 06:31 PM

Hi Kamol,

Thank you for sharing the investor password. I have re-uploaded your account to Simpletrader and also Myfxbook under my personal profile. It seems both are showing very similar results. Unfortunately there is nothing we can fix here since Myfxbook is also showing the same graph.



Let us know once you've seen both graphs so we can remove them.


Arturo Ferracuti
Client Services (NY/Tokyo Session) - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 09 August 2016 06:53 PM

Ok I've seem your link, you can delete them if you want

I still don't understand how can my system have losing month since I made profit go very smoothly

MyFxBook is Track Record Verified and Trading Privileges Verified, growth and profit are also go smoothly.

Even on SimpleTrader the profit chart is also go smoothly, but why the growth has negative month?


Posted on: 09 August 2016 07:49 PM

Hi Kamol,

We are not really sure why your myfxbook didn't show the loss before, probably something changed in your MT4 history. I have checked your trade history at Myfxbook and it seems you had some losses on July 12th, you can find them in page 48 of the Myfxbook history at

You should try contacting Myfxbook and also XM to find out more information about the loss.


Arturo Ferracuti
Client Services (NY/Tokyo Session) - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 09 August 2016 08:10 PM

I think I found what is it make it look like a lost
The "credit" out thing make the system read the record as a lost


Posted on: 09 August 2016 08:34 PM

Here is the trading record

I'm sure trades on 12th July 2016 are in profit.
Credit Out is the bonus provide by broker it will deduct out when we do withdraw the fund.
If we count "Credit Out" as a lost, surely my trading will not look the same.
MyFxBook Record didn't count Credit Out as lost so that's why the growth chart run smoothly.

Please check again if you can help fixing the record.

Thank you



Posted on: 09 August 2016 08:52 PM


Art reuploaded your trade data as you have seen - and myfxbook shows the same growth chart as we get. I'm not sure why your other myfxbook does not show this - and I appreciate you believing it may be down to these credits but there isn't much we can do to manipulate the stats. We would have to start trying to remove and manually reconcilling the data which would just take far to long especially considering the sheer volume of trades that you have.

I'm afraid in this case, there really is nothing we can do. My recommendation would be to note why there is a drop in your description and show them your myfxbook which does not have that drop.

If you ever reupload your data to myfxbook or any other data site, you are probably going to end up with this big drop... so I'd say don't go deleting your myfxbook page as its lucky it doesn't show it.


Will Thomas,
Technical Director - Think Huge Ltd.


Posted on: 10 August 2016 02:28 AM 

Hi Will,

You are right that if I update MyFxBook data there will be a big drop on the growth chart causing by Bonus Credit out, and when I inform MyFxBook support about the bug, they can easily remove those transactions by excluding "Credit Out" comment transactions so the problem solved. If you think it's too difficult for simpletrader to do that, I will just have to accept the consequence and try to keep update to clients that having questions about the drop.




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Posted by GBN
3 days ago - Growth: 41.38% - Drawdown: 9.58%

Quick update: First week of AUG = +123.1 pips.
Current draw-down: I will cut the loss while keeping positive gain at the same time for this month.
I have been monitoring prices of AxiTrader with various institutions (Barclays, Citibank, Goldman, JPMC, EBS, FXAllClick, etc.):
- Spread is almost identical but much cheaper commission: ~$2 per lot. So decide to launch MAM service soon and I think it would be fair for my clients to join since you only have to pay performance fee if I make money. If you have any other question, let me know.

News Article Posted by XGL High Returns
3 days ago - Growth: 538.18% - Drawdown: 52.14%

Important Strategy Update: Reduced Exposure and New DD Limits

Trade Lot Size: 0.01 per USD$1,000
Max Open Trades: 15
Max Open Drawdown: 30%

New settings will be implemented once we are out of current drawdown.

Check out our Discussion Thread for more details.

Posted by AtlasFX
3 days ago - Growth: 199.96% - Drawdown: 15.40%

Enjoy the profits today made by AtlasFX.

200% is reached and new equity highs!

Best regards,


Posted by Blackwave Pacific
4 days ago - Growth: 348.57% - Drawdown: 38.71%

VIDEO: Today's live stream in the Trading Room. Click HERE

Posted by Daikokuten
4 days ago - Growth: 337.65% - Drawdown: 71.98%

How can a system made profit every month and have smooth on growth have a negative month in July?

Must be magic!!!

We found out that simpletrader count "Credit Out" (which is free deposit bonus given by broker) that deduct when withdraw fund out as LOST in our record, that cause our growth chart drop on July.

Let wait and see if the problem can be fix.


News Article Posted by WiseTrader
4 days ago - Growth: 62.55% - Drawdown: 12.93%

Hello gentlemens

I really apologize last week trading , I promise to make it up to you guys in days ahead by the grace of God. Its a rough start in the month of August but it can only get better and better. Thanks for your understanding

Posted by DisciplinedFX
4 days ago - Growth: 201.12% - Drawdown: 6.76%

DisciplinedFX trading system displays the live trading account of an experienced currency trader specializing in fundamental and technical analysis. The trader utilizes a set of advanced trade triggers creating a high probability outcome while carrying as low risk as possible. A strict money management approach is used to preserve capital while creating steady gains using the most updated economic data with price action and technical indicators, such as customized Bollinger Bands, DMA's and Renko Charts.

- Limited time only $40 per month.
- Low drawdown, drawdown limit at 9%
- No losing month encountered, no martingale or grid used.

Posted by Ryan analyst US Compliant Signal
4 days ago - Growth: 10.51% - Drawdown: 6.58%

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would drop a quick update.

First off I've added 8 additional trading pairs giving me a total of 16. On my original 8 pairs I am also now taking trades on the 4 hour chart.

Some of you may have notice different lot seizes on my trades. I don't want you to be concerned about this. I have have lowered the risk on the first trade of all my orders. The 2nd trade on a pair will increase by double but will stay this way every trade there after. For example, Order one, 0.05. Order two, 0.10. Order three, 0.10 and so on and so forth.

So my first order on all pairs will be 0.05 for every $10k in the account and all orders after will be normal at 0.1. This will give me less DD and likely more profit. As you know, I've added 8 more pairs giving me a total of 16 pairs. This means that 0.05 lots should NOT change my standard profit per month since I'm trading double the pairs. I will now martingale just the 1st and 2nd trade. All trades after will be the same risk as the 2nd. I will likely make more on my basket trades that exceed 2 or more trades while risking less. You will see when the AUDCAD and GBPAUD trades close out.

So virtually less risk and more profit.

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